Time to take a break

Are you worrying a lot? Having a hard time to make decision? Or are you easily distracted? Either way, it’s very likely that you’re in your head most of the time. Being in your head is good when you’re planning, deciding on what to buy in the supermarket today, what time you must leave to be on time. But true wisdom is to be found in your body. So if you feel stressed, let’s do some grounding, help you back on your feet.

Place both feet firmly on the ground, either sitting or standing, close your eyes and focus on your breath.
In… Lungs and belly expand…
Out… Lungs and belly flatten again.
Now focus on your left foot. Feel how it touches the ground, how it carries your weight. And imagine roots are growing out of your foot into the earth. Deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger.⁠⠀
Do the same with you right foot.
Feel how you connect to the earth. Feel how powerful you feel, with this strong connection. Keep breathing slowly, in …and out. Slowly open your eyes.

How do you feel now? If you like, you can put your left hand on your heart and your right hand just beneath your belly button. Now, ask yourself this question you’ve struggling with again. Try not to answer it with your conscious mind. Just wait for your intuitive response. And when it comes, write it down.

30 november 2020

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