Standard Program

Often a session sets a process in motion. In the days after a session, things will fall into place for you, but you may also find other topics arise. The next layer of the onion comes to the surface. It is therefore a good idea to book a standard program.
The standard program lasts 5 weeks. We then have 3 sessions, every other week. During these 5 weeks you will notice that daily stress and frustration decrease. You feel more resilient and it is easier for you to really be there for your children and partner.

You will also learn a number of techniques to deal with stress and that overwhelming feeling more easily. The days that used to be boring and predictable are now worthwhile again. I help you to let go of some important limiting beliefs, which will change your view of things. There is room to deal with life in a different, more satisfying way.

Investment CHF 397,-

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