Group Family Constellations

We all have our personal struggles. Because we’re longing for a life partner. Or we want to connect with our partner again. Because we have physical complaints that limit us. Or because we miss the challenge, satisfaction, and excitement of the past in our work.

Avoiding painful subconscious memories

A group family constellation helps you to see what is beneath the surface. For example, if you and your partner grew apart, it is most likely related to old pain from when you were little children. You recognize things in your partner that push your buttons. Your subconscious will protect you from feeling old pain and/or fear by using strategies you’ve picked up as a child.

We’ve copied most of our strategies from our parents, and they from their parents. We are a product of the generations before us and because of that we are dealing with pain of our ancestors.

If you really want to change a situation, it’s important to find answers to questions like:
Where does this pain originate?
What strategy have you developed?
How does your partner respond to this strategy?
Is it helping me or blocking me?

Why group family constellations?

During a group family constellation, the representatives show you exactly what is going on. You will have more compassion because you will see the complete picture and not only your perspective. Besides giving you insight, it also immediately brings relief and things in your life start to shift.

Old feelings and emotions will be released that have been bothering you, maybe your whole life. Sometimes it’s subtle and you won’t experience it until later. It can bring deep transformations in your relationships and your life.

Do you feel called upon to join a family constellation? Then reserve your spot quickly. You don’t need any experience, just a body to feel with.

Investment: CHF 50,00.