Energy and Innerchild Healing

My goal is to help families create harmony, a safe place where parents and children feel safe, loved and respected. With my experiences as a mother and as an energy coach, I help mothers to enjoy life more, to feel in balance and to be more resilient. Family life can be overwhelming. As a mother, taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself, can easily be missed. While that is just so important. In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.


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What can I do for you?

Do you feel insecure as a mother? Do you often feel overwhelmed by the many responsibilities in your life? Do you find that your own priorities and needs as a woman are increasingly being squeezed by the pressures of family life? Do you often feel lifeless? Do you notice that you cancel appointments with friends more often or are you reluctant to go there?

During a session with me I help you to let go of the daily stress. For that I use the Herz ΓΌber Kopf modality. The stress is your response to what is happening in your life. And you probably developed this reaction as a small child. That is why we have contact with your inner child during the session. This is a quick way to let go of old beliefs. This always feels very liberating for clients.

I also use Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) and energy treatments (such as Reiki) to help you release physical, mental and emotional stress.

I help you to take control again, to live the life that suits you. Working with me gives you air and space in your head. We expose what it is in your subconscious mind that is bothering you. The moment we can bring it to consciousness, you can start to let it go. That changes your view of your daily life, so that you can look beyond the obstacles to the point where you want to go. I help you get direction with new inspiration and motivation, so that your life feels meaningful and exciting again.

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