1-on-1 session

Would you like to try out what it’s like to work with me? Then you can book a single 1-on-1 session. We can work on everyday frustrations in your life. The same discussion with your partner every time. An insecure, lonely feeling that keeps coming back. The feeling that you lack the strength to tackle the important things. Or you feel insecure about how you want to solve a certain problem with your children.

During a 1-on-1 session I help you understand your situation better. What are the unconscious beliefs that play like a record in the back of your head? We will work with those beliefs so that they have less power in your daily life or maybe you can let them go forever.

A single 1-on-1 session is a good start to enable greater changes. The energy treatment gives you deep relaxation. It helps you take pressure off you and see your situation from a different angle. You feel lighter and inspired to try a new approach. Or you can decide to accept the situation as it is and stop fighting what you can’t change so that it no longer drains your energy.

Duration 90 – 120 Minutes

Investment CHF 147.00

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