Reiki Energy session

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or depressed? Does it feel hard to focus, to be gentle with yourself and your loved ones around you? Maybe you often struggle with headaches or stomach aches? How about a real treat for yourself and have a reiki treatment.

Reiki means Universal Life-energy and is a form of holistic healing. The root of physical pain, often is mental, emotional or spiritual. Reiki works on all these levels. It helps the body, mind and soul to heal.

A Reiki session helps you to relax in a deep way. Even though it can bring emotions to the surface, the result is a comfortable feeling of releasing and relaxation.

Feel free to contact me if you have a question about a Reiki Energy session.

Duration 75 – 90 Minutes

Investment CHF 117,00

* Pay for 3 sessions at once and you get a 4th session for free.

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