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Communicating with children

This workshop is for parents that would like to have a better understanding of what is happening between them and their children. Whether you’re parenting toddlers, children or teens, they can be hard to read and a simple conversation can easily end in a fight you didn’t see coming. And it seems that the more you try to help them when they seem down, the more they push you away.

In two evenings you will get to know the essential elements of communication with children. After a brief explanation of the theory, we will start with various exercises. We experience the power of words and beliefs. This experience helps us to address children differently.

After the course you will know how you can really talk to your child on an equal footing and how you can help your child to expres s and deal with feelings and emotions. You will also have learned some tools to understand your own thoughts better and to let go of stress easily.


When: October 28th and November 11th, 19.00 – 21.00 hrs

Where: Rathus-SchΓΌΓΌr, Rathausstrasse 2, 6340 Baar

Investment: CHF 37,50 both evenings / CHF 20,00 single evening

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