Healing with your inner child

My purpose is to help families be harmonious, create a safe place where parents and children feel safe, loved and respected. With my experience as a mother, and as energy coach, I help other mothers to enjoy life more and feel balanced. When the mother is happy, the children will be happier too.


How can I help you?

I belief that we all need some form of support in our life. Every phase of life brings its specific challenges. It a sign of strength to admit that you can’t do it all alone. You just take yourself, your life and the people in it seriously by finding the right person to help you cope with challenges.


1-to-1 session

Is your life going well, but you feel frustrated about this one thing in it that keeps repeating? The same argument with your spouse every time. Un uncertain lonely feeling that keeps coming back to you. A feeling that you lack power to get the important things done. Or you feel uncertain about how to deal with an issue with one of your children.

During a single 1 to 1 session I will help you get a better understanding of your situation. What are the unconscious beliefs that are playing like a record in the back of your mind? And how does your energy effect those of the other family members? I will guide you to meet your inner child and get a clear picture of how you created beliefs that are blocking you nowadays. We will work on those beliefs, so they will have less power in your daily life or even help you let the beliefs go.

A single 1 to 1 session is a great start to make bigger changes possible. The energy treatment will help to feel deeply relaxed. It will help you take some load off of you and see your situation from a different angle.  You’ll feel lighter and inspired to try a new approach. Or you can decide to accept the situation as it is and stop fighting what can’t be changed so that it will no longer drain your energy.


Investment CHF 147,00

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4 Months Program

Or would you rather go on a journey with me to assure yourself of a lasting change in your life?

You feel a deep desire to make a change to a more fulfilling life. You can feel overwhelmed by the feeling of responsibility to your children. It feels you’re trapped in this mother role. Or you’re disappointed that you’re not living the dream you had when you were younger. Although you have everything you could dream off, you feel bored and alone and you feel ashamed of saying it out loud.

The 4-month program contains:

  • 8 1-to-1 sessions with me (one session every two weeks); we will get a good understanding of your limiting beliefs and transform them into new powerful beliefs. You will also have energy treatments to help you change at a deeper level.
  • 24/7 Whats app support; I will be on your side through these months, so you can ask me for support whenever you need it.
  • Personal EFT tappingscript audioguides; an easy to learn technique that will help you release stress in daily situations.

The program will help you discover that you have the tools and confidence to make big changes happen. You will see the silver lining again in your daily life and feel resilient enough to deal with recurring matters. We’ll make a shift from focusing on what is blocking you to what it is that you really want to create in your life.

After this program you will find yourself empowered to create a life that is more enjoyable for you. You will feel confident that you have what it takes to make it happen. Even more, you’ve already made some giant steps in the direction of a life full of fun and fulfillment.


Investment: CHF 1497,00