If hunger isn’t the problem, food isn’t the answer

In my mind I am going through this morning’s session. My client told me that she regularly finds herself binge eating. She just eats because she wants to eat. Not because she’s hungry. Not because she’s really looking forward to what’s in the cupboard, but simply because she wants to eat.⁠

It feels like rebellion, like she wants to make a point. I decide for myself whether or not I can eat something. And I decide when I eat it. Since she became a mother, weight has become an issue for her, when it never was. And somehow it bothers her that she is concerned about something superficial like appearances.⁠

It really shows how complicated our relationship with food is. As Geneen Roth puts it, the way we treat ourselves can be seen in what is on our plate. Rather than obsessively trying to get a grip on it, it’s more important to find out why we begin to treat ourselves not as well as we should. Listening to what lies beneath. What are we really graving? Because in the end, if hunger isn’t the problem, then food isn’t the answer.⁠

18 november

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